Why we love niche fragrances like Memo's Tamarindo

Why we love niche fragrances like Memo's Tamarindo

Caress me like a tropical breeze

Text: Renée Batchelor

If smell-a-like scents are not your thing, invest in something a little bit more obscure and original

Here's the thing. We like Britney Spears as much as the next person, but would we want to wear her perfume? That's a hard no. Although they are incredibly sucessful from a monetary perspective, these scents don't really help you stand out from the crowd as they tend to be a tad too crowd-pleasing with the usual fruity floral notes. So while Britney Spears' fragrance selection is not exactly one for the chic, girl-about-town, it begs the questions — what is? One of the hottest trends is the anti-perfume perfume, and if you're a discerning nose, we would highly recommend any of Louis Vuitton's exquisite eight perfumes including its newest one Le Jour Se Lève. Another favourite of ours is niche French perfumery Memo started by husband and wife duo Clara and John Molloy. We're already going through our second bottle of its scent Siwa, which is a personal favourite, but the newest scent offering from the brand is slightly more tropical and has an eyebrow raising melange of notes.

Taking inspiration from the pineapple flower, this gloriously heady scent is called Tamarindo because of the coastal town in Costa Rico that inspired it. (All Memo fragrances are inspired by exotic destinations). It starts with a sprinkle of cardamom and a spray of bergamot. Delve deeper, and you'll find a blend of oil of jasmine, vanilla, benzoin, and a heart of patchouli. Spray this on and be transported instantly to your next tropical vacay. Spray this on on a Monday, and hopefully add a spring to your step. At $330 a bottle, it may be pricier than your typical department store buy, but hey, it's still cheaper than a plane ticket to Costa Rico, and is bound to turn a head or two.

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