Watch now: Zöe Kravitz's backstage makeup ritual

Before the light

Text: Renée Batchelor

Actress and musician Zöe Kravitz — she sings with her band Lolawolf — shares her backstage ritual in the first episode of this new Yves Saint Laurent Beauté series

Actress and musician Zöe Kravitz remains one of Buro's favourite makeup stars with her distinctive look and beautiful features. Here, the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet shares her pre-show ritual, before she takes the stage with her R&B and electropop band Lolawolf. Says Kravitz, "For me makeup is often like war painting, because going on stage is a fight to reach perfection." With bold, inky liner and rich, red lipstick, Kravitz shares how her makeup "changes the performance that she's going to give and the aesthetic that she is in touch with that night."

Shot by French film maker Fabien Constant, who is now directing his first feature film with Sarah Jessica Parker, this is the first episode in a series of three, featuring three different female musicians from around the world. The other musicians in the series are French-Israeli singer Nilli Adida and South Korean star Ga In. Says Constant, "Three cultures, three artists and yet one thing in common: an intimate space for the performer to apply makeup and slip into her character's skin."