Watch now: Discover where ylang ylang is sourced with Dior perfumes

On a scent trail

Text: Renée Batchelor

Ever wonder where your perfumery ingredients come from? Explore how ylang ylang is grown and harvested in Nosy Be, a small island off Madagascar

As perfumery moves beyond merely marketing and packaging, there is a new way in which the luxuriousness of a scent is measured... by its raw ingredients. As the industry glances away from relying purely on synthetics, there is a newfound preciousness in using real plants to create ingredients. There has also been a shift in developing and ensuring the proper sources for raw flowers and ingredients, be they the May rose grown in Grasse or more exotic blooms like ylang ylang — thanks to the trend of eco-consciousness and sustainability.Francois Demachy in Nosy Be

In the video above, journey with Dior's perfumer-creator François Demachy as he travels to a small island off the north of Madagascar called Nosy Be. The treasure found here? The ylang ylang plant which has fruity accents and a salty note that is the perfect key ingredient for J'adore in Joy's unerring freshness. Says Demachy, "Choosing ylang ylang from Nosy Be guarantees not only a potent floral, but also complete traceability, which is essential from our point of view." Cultivated on an eco-responsible plantation, Demachy reveals the specific methods that yield this sensual and fragrant flower. Watch as the raw bloom is then transported to Grasse, where it is extracted by Dior's laboratories as it literally bottles its intoxicating scent —before it reaches a counter near you.