Watch now: The inspiration behind Dior's stunning Christmas beauty look

Precious jewel

Text: Renée Batchelor

It's not often we see a beauty look from a big beauty brand giving us major makeup inspiration. Find out what went behind Peter Philips' Christmas look on model Lindsey Wixon

It's that time of the year when your makeup can get a little more Rihanna and a little less Kate Middleton. Stray away from the boring and predictable looks you do all year round and go with something a little richer and more luxe. Inspired by precious jewels like rubies and emeralds, Peter Philips has created an elegant look that's like an overdose on glamour. For the main look pictured on Lindsey Wixon below, she models shades of ruby red shadow (a major trend since 2016) blended with rose gold for a touch of opulence, paired with a brilliant rose pink pout. Forget makeup rules that recommend a restrained take, by playing up both the eyes and the lips at the same time.

Lindsey Wixon for Dior

Creating an explosion of colours — emerald green, gold, ruby and topaz feature prominently in the collection— Philips was inspired by both the deliciate luminosity as well as the hardness of precious rocks. The looks created reflect both the beauty and boldness of this combination. Looking to update your fifty shades of nude lipstick and boring neutral palette of eyeshadows? Invest in the brand's 5 Couleurs palettes that come in an Emerald and Ruby colourway, a vibrant coral pink blush or a matte version of Dior's signature 999 shade of red. Other touches that we love include the deliciously noir nail colour that looks so chic and expensive. It's the ultimate antidote to the fussy and sometimes tacky nail art we tend to see during the festive period. Channel some old school Bette Davis drama and let your inner diva reign.