Watch Bella Hadid do her makeup in an elevator

Going up?

Text: Renée Batchelor

How easy is it to apply the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion? Bella Hadid shows us in this video where she sports three looks for every occasion

Which way is down? In the rush of modern life we find ourselves applying makeup in the oddest spaces, from our Uber rides to our office cubicles to even an elevator. Watch Dior ambassador and modern beauty Bella Hadid as she shows us just how easy it is to apply the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion for a luminous, fresh glow on the skin. Compact, portable and easy-to-use, this transforms skin in an instant. Here the versatile cushion foundation is used for three different looks: A weekend-friendly, easy look, modern, urbanite makeup and evening glamour. With just a few products worn — literally in the time it takes to go down ten floors — you'll be able to touch up your face in a flash.

$78. At Dior stores and counters now