Wake up your peepers with this new generation Lancôme Génifique Yeux

Wake up your peepers with this new generation Lancôme Génifique Yeux

For your eyes only

Text: Renée Batchelor

One of the most obvious areas to show the signs of ageing, here's why a good eye cream is a necessary part of your anti-ageing arsenal

Look into someone's eyes and it'll tell you a lot of things — from how tired they are to how good their health is (if you believe in iridology). But weird science or not, there's no denying that eye bags, dark circles and yellowed pupils are all signs of tiredness and ageing and even more serious conditions like jaundice. There's a reason that bright-eyed people give the impression of being awake and chirpy, even when they're not. And unless you're willing to invest in some serious aesthetic procedures, or even surgery, you'll have to rely on dedicated skincare.

At the same time, the eye is an extremely fragile area, which suffers from dryness, swelling, puffiness, dark circles and yes, fine lines that eventually deepen into wrinkles. How to look younger and fresh-faced for longer? Work on those peepers ahead of time: Prevention is better than trying to reverse the signs of ageing. This year, Lancôme has reinvented its eye contour cream, Advanced Génifique Eye, packing it full of probiotic fractions which are the active ingredients of the Advanced Génifique serum, in order to strengthen the skin around the eye area. Best of all it works on ten signs of ageing, including the loss of firmness and elasticity, as well as dark circles and puffiness, for a global effect on the eye area.

And in case you were wondering how best to apply the eye cream, the brand has detailed these steps. Start by taking a good amount of cream from the pot using your middle and ring finger (it has the lightest pressure) then press them against the fingers of the other hand to spread it. Next, use your fingers to make three lines under each eye to evenly spread the formula and do the same for under the eyebrows. To target lines and crow's feet in the corner of the eye, massage this area with both hands, alternating between straight lines and making a ‘V’ shape with your fingers. To open up the eye area, place your hands on your temples to keep your head straight, and then  look up, down, left, right and then diagonally. Finally, if you want better circulation, and to combat dark circles, lightly tap the eye contours with your fingers in circular movements. 

$105. At Lancôme counters and stores

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