Urban Decay releases a Naked Reloaded palette, a period emoji is underway, and other beauty news this week

Urban Decay releases a Naked Reloaded palette, a period emoji is underway, and other beauty news this week

Beauty Bits

Text: Emily Heng

1. Urban Decay relaunches their iconic Naked palette as Naked Reloaded.

R.I.P. the OG Naked palette. Welcome the Naked Reloaded palette instead, which comes equipped with twelve new neutral shades guaranteed to work for any age, skin tone, and gender.

Available from 28 February at all Sephora stores. 


2. A period emoji is underway, and we couldn't be more thrilled.
Ladies, the days of using the Japan flag emoji as the literal embodiment of Aunt Flo is over. A period emoji is slated to hit keyboards starting March 2019 — in an effort to end the shame and stigma surrounding periods. Yaas.



3. Salma Hayek rocks her natural curls and gray hairs on Instagram.
In an age overrun with the excessively photoshopped, Salma Hayek bestows upon the Internet a refreshing (and realistic!) selfie of her natural curls and gray hairs. 



4. Tarte drops their controversial Shape Tape Foundation and introduces the Face Tape Foundation instead.
After undergoing heavy fire for their Shape Tape Foundation's non-inclusive shade range, Tarte opts to scrap the product entirely and start over with the Face Tape Foundation — available in fifty shades and fitted with a brand new pump applicator.



5. Kendall Jenner is considering bangs.
Ah, the eternal question: to snip, or not to snip? Celebrities — they're just like us!



6. Cow nails are what to strive for this 2019
It is exactly how it sounds: picture a glossy white base with black spots sprinkled on top. Just moo with it, we guess?



7. Fenty Beauty just dropped their first Valentine's Day product
Dropping on February 12, the new Stunna Lip Paint Shade is a vivid pink that is slated to work for all skin tones.



8. Zoë Kravitz now has sixty-two tattoos... and counting
Her latest additions include the word 'baby' on the right side of her neck and a dragonfly on her left shoulder. 



9. This startup is charging $8,000 to fill your veins with... blood?!
Or, young blood, to be specific. According to the founder, this procedure is meant to help conquer aging by rejuvenating your body's organs — despite there being little to no scientific evidence as to the treatment's efficacy. The response has been "really positive" so far, if you can believe it.