Oil's well: Unusual oil textures in skincare

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Oil's well: Unusual oil textures in skincare
Think oils are heavy and come in only one form? These three, innovative new products use oils in unusual ways to cleanse, treat and nourish your skin

We're told all the time that oils are good for the skin, as they have a better affinity and sink in effortlessly. But a lot of people are not keen on this texture especially in the hotter months, when even a lightweight gel can feel almost sticky on the skin. Here are three new products that use technology to make oils lighter and user-friendly on the skin, and also use their regenerative properties in interesting new textures and forms.

An overnight treatment in an oil format, this contains the benefits of a serum and mask in one. As the last step before bed, this helps to protect and rebuild the skin while 'locking out' aggressors.
Try: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Mask-in-Oil, $122

Advanced Night Repair Recovery Mask-in-Oil

Especially good for drier skins, this innovative cleanser transforms from a creamy milk to a luxurious oil before foaming to rid skin of impurities and light makeup. 
Try: Origins Three Part Harmony Foaming Cream-to-Oil Cleanser, $66

Origins Three Part Harmony Foaming Cream-to-oil cleanser

A bi-phase body oil that dries to a non-sticky, powdery, velvet finish is just what the doctor ordered in our humid climate. This one moisturises all day — a must in airconditioned environments — and leaves skin silky-smooth
Try: Kenzoki Body Bare Body Powder-Oil, $65

Kenzoki Bare Body Powder-Oil

Text: Renée Batchelor

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