Under the sea: Bottega Verde's Phytovital range

Under the sea: Bottega Verde's Phytovital range

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Italian skincare brand Bottega Verde launches a new Phytovital range to restore radiance and 'compactness' to the face

In case you didn't get the memo, small faces are in. For the Koreans, the smaller the better, as a face that can be hidden behind a CD is considered de rigeur. But what's a girl to do if going under the scalpel for a painful and extreme operation or even face-slimming Botox shots are not options? The answer is diligent skincare. Bottega Verde's new Phytovital range cleverly works on radiance, wrinkles and re-shaping and 'compacting' the face for a more youthful visage. 

Phytovital range

Phytovital uses marine-derived ingredients like sea grapes and marine collagen as well as Mediterranean botanical extracts, true to its Italian heritage. Highlights for us includes the Face Shaping Day Treatment, that helps to 'fill out' sagging and de-volumised skin and the innovative Intensive Anti-Ageing Programme. The later is the proverbial big guns that you bring out when things go south. The three-serum treatment is to be used in succession over three weeks as an emergency skin resuscitator or an inter-seasonal booster.


The first serum prepares and renews the skin with glycolic acid that gives a gentle peeling effect, the second serum  helps to re-sculpt the face with an injection of intensive anti-ageing actives and the third moisturises and smoothes skin, maintaining the program's effect. Now that's smart skincare.

From $33.90 to $89.90. At Bottega Verde stores