Try on virtually any lipstick with Sephora's new feature

Lip on, lip off

Try on virtually any lipstick with Sephora's new feature
Tired of physically trying on, and removing, lipsticks? Sephora's new interactive feature allows you to do it virtually and in an instant

Sephora has a new interactive feature, dubbed the Virtual Artist, where you can find the lipstick of your dreams in a matter of minutes. We tried it out and it is pretty nifty. Our advice: wear makeup and especially concealer so you can get the best out of your lipstick shopping. Using facial recognition technology, it maps out each users' lip location and shape, allowing you to try on over hundreds of lipsticks shades with click of a mouse. Unlike many other apps or sites that take a still photo of you and then change the lipstick shade, this one allows you to move as you survey each lipstick or gloss, so you can see your new colour from different angles. Working very much like a mirror, you can strike a pose or pout, as you preen and primp with your new lipstick.

Sephora Virtual Artist
Want to find the right lipstick for your skin tone? Pantone Colour IQ allows each user to find the perfect formula, finish and hue for their skintone. If you want to filter by a family of tones, different finishes or a brand, you can do so as well. Our only gripe? Textures such as matte, shimmer and metallic don't show up as clearly as they would IRL, and overall, on our laptop screen, the shades do appear a bit muted compared to their swatches. It is likely that this mirrors the experience of trying on lipsticks in reality, where when applied, some colours may not appear as they do in the tube.

The brands that we saw on the app are also plentiful, so you'll see Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Sephora Collection, Make Up For Ever and Too Faced, among other popular names. Once you've clicked on a particular shade, it instantaneously appears on your lips, along with the name, brand and price. Want to try on a few similar shade or pick the best from the lot? The feature allows for a side-by-side comparison of up to four different shades — and these comparisons can be emailed to you along with product links. You can even email pics to your friends or colleagues if you're the kind who needs a jury vote before laying down your cash. Stumped when it comes to lippie inspiration? The 'Surprise Me' feature will present you with four lip shades at random — we were given the rather unexpected choice of LAQA & Co's Grape Scotch Lip Pencil, a perky purple. And when you're finally done with your fun, easy (and time-consuming) experience, simply click shop to add your choice picks to your shopping cart.

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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