Trending now: Liquid eyeshadows

Trending now: Liquid eyeshadows

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Text: Renée Batchelor

What's even more convenient than a traditional powder or cream eyeshadow? A liquid eyeshadow that you can use on-the-go

We're all for the trend of convenient makeup like this slim lippie from Laura Mercier or this stick concealer from Clé de Peau Beauté that is basically a lifesaver in a tube. One makeup item that's not always that easy to use on the go? Eyeshadows. Especially if you favour large palettes and a variety of blending brushes. Painting your eyeshadow can sometimes feel like an art project and an exercise in skill and precision. But sometimes you want something quick and easy. Like a burger and fries set you buy from a drive-thru Mac Donald's (yes they still exist), liquid eyeshadows do the job, can be done on the go and still leave a satisfied customer.

THREE Cosmetics Alcheme Twist for Eye, $48 each

For fall, Japanese brand THREE Cosmetics is introducing a range of liquid eyeshadows that look almost like lip glosses. Called the Alchemist Twist for Eye, there's one big difference when it comes to this and the usual liquid eyeshadows: These are matte. In ten shades that range from a gorgeous blue-grey to a rich burgundy, these were designed for a deep, matte texture but have just a bit of pearl powder. What it gives you is intense pigments and a waterproof formula that stays put. If you're on the run we would advise sticking to the lighter and more neutral shades so that mistakes are less obvious. We love how it gives an easy and even wash of colour on the eyes, but the bolder shades are also great for doubling up as eyeliner.



THREE is not the first or the last brand to debut liquid eyeshadows. Badgal Riri herself introduced the liquid eyeshadow in the second drop of her summer 'Beach, Please!' collection for Fenty Beauty. Dubbed the Island Bling 2-in-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer, this featured two shades on one dual ended stick, again with a lipgloss like applicator. We would use the Fenty Beauty one with caution as it's a pretty intense shimmer, but the precision applicator makes it easy to control where you place it. One side is meant to be a metallic shimmer, while the other is a glitter topcoat. This is great for creating tiny pops of highlight, but again, go easy with the liquid bling. And of course having a creamy or liquid texture usually means there are more places on the face you can use this besides whatever the label indicates. Confirms Hector Espinal, the global makeup artist of Fenty Beauty, "With these cream eyeshadows (the 2-in-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer) you can use it even on the lips if you want, or on the rest of the face."