Transform your lips with these Urban Decay topcoats

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Transform your lips with these Urban Decay topcoats
It's time to put some of that SFX magic into your lipstick with Urban Decay's new Special Effects Topcoat

If your current lipsticks are looking kinda blah, hang on before you treat yourself to a brand new one. There's a reason that we gravitate towards the same hues — whether barely-there nudes or cherry reds. Human beings are creatures of habit after all, and most women know which lipstick shades will suit them and which will get the most wear. But if you want to transform your existing lipstick from serious business to serious partying, invest in the new Urban Decay Vice Special Effect Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat. Simply apply this shade-shifting topcoat over any cream, metallized and matte shade of Vice Lipstick to create a customised look. 

Vice Special Effects Topcoats in Ritual, Seether and Circuit, $30 each
These come in three finishes shimmer, glitter and metallic but each have a gel-cream formula that feels comfy on the lips, never sticky, plus it dries down like a dream. Like any good topcoat this not only seals in the colour underneath, but creates a water-resistant barrier and prevents your lipstick from shifting and bleeding. It is also rich in marine collagen so it smoothes and plumps the lips — and that's the tingly feeling you'll get upon application. The brand has dreamed up so many possible combinations within their lip family it's mind-boggling. Want that gothic mermaid look? (Yes it's a thing!) Use the brand's blacker than black Perversion Matte Lipstick and layer onver wit the new topcoat in Ritual, a smoky blue-grey, for that shifty, iridescent mermaid's tail effect. Experiment with other combinations — such as getting a shimmering true red — at your nearest Urban Decay store before deciding on what suits.

$30 each. Available now in 12 shades at Urban Decay freestanding stores 

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