Tiffany just launched a stunning, new fragrance

Tiffany just launched a stunning, new fragrance

Little blue something

Text: Renée Batchelor

What's in your little blue box? Surprise — it's not a jewel but an enchanting new scent

When Tiffany does things, it doesn't do them by halves. Enter the newest fragrance on the scene by the famous jewellery brand. The artisanal scent is timeless enough to be treasured like a Tiffany bauble, but is still powerfully modern thanks to a careful reconstruction of classic fragrance notes. The brief? Capturing the essence of the brand in a few key descriptors: Bare skin, a trace of scent, a touch of bling and that iconic blue box. The result is a sparkling, floral musk that wears effortlessly and beautifully on the skin,

To create its newest icon, perfumer Daniela Andrier reassambled three, well-loved fragrance notes. The fragrance opens with top notes of vert de mandarine, while the heart comprises of iris flower. Not just any breed of the flower, this version is harvested from France in the months of July and August, with the iris butter obtained through a unique hydrodistillation extraction to enhance the purity, brightness and sensuality of the note. The base note is warm patchouli wrapped in a blend of soothing musks, for a touch of sensuality.

Tiffany & Co. fragrance

And yes, because most women obsess over pretty packaging, the flaçon is worth a mention. Taking a cue from the house's iconic diamond cuts, the weighty glass bottle is as precious as any of the sparky jewels housed in its display cases, with elaborate facetting at the base. Look closely and you'll see clever details like the Tiffany & Co. mark stamped under the bottle cap and the fact that the juice is tinted slightly blue to illuminate the cuts in the bottle. Best of all, it's presented in the signature little blue box... as all the best gifts are.