This Singapore stalwart has rebranded as Hysses

This Singapore stalwart has rebranded as Hysses

New name

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're a loyal user of local brand Mt. Sapola, you'll want to give its rebranded Hysses a try

This may be a tad confusing, but stay with us. Local brand Mt. Sapola — known for its essential oils, aromatherapy and spa products — is rebranding as Hysses in Singapore. Says Cheryl Gan the founder and managing director for Hysses Singapore, "As a company, we have grown to have a stronger sense of who we are and what we can deliver in the last 10 years, which allows us to tell compelling stories while sharing our knowledge. Rebranding to Hysses is a big step in the right direction for our loyal consumers as well as potential ones at home and overseas." Despite having over 25,000 members in its database, constant requests for franchising opportunities has led to the decision to evolve the brand identity and expand it beyond our shores.Hysses hand cream

What you can expect from Hysses is the same high-quality products, beautiful scents and wonderful textures in sleek new packaging. The brand will also continue its emphasis on pure essential oils and natural skincare. Says Gan, “One of the most important stories for us to get across is the complexity of aromatherapy, educating people on the benefits, as well as choosing and using essential oils the right way. I want the brand to truly exhibit a deeper sense of understanding with a keener focus on nature." And if you're wondering what will happen to your favourite Mt. Sapola stores, they will slowly undergo transformations to reflect the new Hysses branding in these following few months, and are expected to be completed soon.

With the new brand you'll also see more scents and options — the body care range for, example, will now have 13 scents, up from six and each scent will also address a specific skin issue such as dermatitis or flaky skin. The haircare range will also be beefed up with bioactive ingredients that tackle more serious hair problems like thinning and hair loss. Another important point, all the products and associated scents will be proudly made and developed in Singapore although raw ingredients will be harvested from all over the world. So the next time you're looking for an elegant home diffuser or a luxurious hand cream, think of going local.

Available at Hysses boutiques islandwide