This luxury serum works on your facial muscles to sculpt your face

This luxury serum works on your facial muscles to sculpt your face

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you want a visible lift on the face, you're going to have to go more than skin deep with the Albion Excia Embeage Le Serum

Albion has a new serum in town and it sits at top of the Japanese skincare brand's luxury offerings... and with good reason. The new Excia Embeage Le Serum is a result of intensive research that the brand has done into DNA, and specifically the process of biological ageing. By activating a special longevity gene, these products are able to supress the ageing genes in skin. This serum actually strengthens the muscles in skin, so your face is literally sculpted and appears more youthful.

One of the key findings from the brand is DHEA, described as "a natural antioxidant that protects the body from active oxygen which contributes to ageing, and controls the secretion of an inflammatory protein — cytokine." And when does DHEA levels peek? Surprise! It's from your late teens to your mid-20s. And by the time you hit the big 4-0, it is half its original levels.While this discovery seems like more bad news to pile on to all the science we know about ageing, the good news is that skincare brands are also catching up. In the case of Albion, it's created Le Serum to specifically work on these factors.

If your skin has a lot of DHEA in it, it can withstand skin aggressors like active oxygen, oxidation, glycation and even hormonal imbalances. By increasing DHEA levels, Albion has also discovered a way to strengthen muscle fibres within 24 hours, by stimulating the arrector pili muscles and the mimic muscles in the face. In addition, the new serum contains bio snow algae to regenerate dermal tissue, so that skin is supple and more elastic. In a luxurious, serum texture, this penetrates instantly and gives an immediate lifted and tightened effect, but also improves your complexion and face structure over time. 

$548. Available at Albion counters from 1 January