This French pharmaceutical brand does more than just makeup removers

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This French pharmaceutical brand does more than just makeup removers
Known for their popular micellaire makeup removers, Bioderma also offers affordable and fuss-free skincare that does the job

If you admire the French aesthetic when it comes to clothing, you may want to consider adopting some of their skincare practices as well. French women (and many tourists) famously shop at their notoriously well-stocked pharmacies, not just for everyday essentials, supplements and medicine, but for their skincare as well. One French pharmaceutical brand that has found its way on our shores is Bioderma. Initially, the brand created a stir internationally for its gentle but effective makeup cleansing waters, that became a cult hit with makeup artists. But its skincare shares the same promise of hardworking, but fuss-free products.

The brand's Hydrabio line is all about delivering hydration deep into the skin. The range already has a Hydrabio H20 Solution Micellaire, that offers optimal makeup removal for those with dry skin types, and an amazingly-textured serum for immediate and intense hydration. What's new, are three different moisturisers that are all designed to deeply moisturise skin, but each with different textures.

Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30/PA+++, $49.90, Gel-Crème and Creme

The Perfecteur SPF30/PA+++ is a dual-purpose moisturiser and sunscreen, with a smooth finish that makes for a perfect makeup base. Designed for the busy, woman on the go, this is literally the one thing you need to apply on your face before heading out. The Gel-Crème meanwhile has a super lightweight texture, but packs considerable punch in terms of hydration. Finally the Crème — that comes in a jar format — is the most moisturising of the three formulas, but still has a pleasant texture that sinks in effortlessly.

If you're after simple packaging — even your man won't object to using these products — prices that won't burn a hole in your wallet and products that do what they promise they will, Bioderma is a winning combination.

From $14.90-$49.90. Available from April at major pharmacies 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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