These updates will make you want to download Vaniday now

These updates will make you want to download Vaniday now

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Who needs another app in their phone? Well if you love pampering yourself with everything from manicures to massages, here's why you need to hear about these new updates on Vaniday

Our phones may contain their fair share of apps, from Uber and to food delivery options — and for the thrifty, even bus schedules. So do you need another app in your life? If you're a beauty junkie like us, one who thrives on having a monthly, scheduled manicure or are simply looking for a quick pick-me-up after a long day, the answer is a decided yes. Vaniday has made improvements on its app to really make it a value-for-money service. It now has Cashback of 10 per cent with every booking. Yes you can 'earn' 10 per cent of the value of your booking and use it towards your next treatment. Says Vaniday's country manager Grégoire Ambroselli, "The new Cashback feature endorses Vaniday as a leading beauty and lifestyle app. Our users can now enjoy a loyalty program on one unique platform that gives them access to 900 salons island-wide. It is definitely a great value add for our users and a milestone for the beauty industry in Singapore."

Woman using Vaniday on her phone
Other features you can find on Vaniday? Special offers with the booking app for partner salons, options listed based on your present location as well as a rating system akin to TripAdvisor  — where you will be able to rate the salons that you've visited out of five stars. Each treatment also has the timing as well as the cost clearly detailed, along with what each treatment entails — useful when comparing between different services. Some of the most popular salons and spas on the site include luxury salon Kim Robinson, brow experts Benefit Brow Bar and the So Sofitel Spa. Another useful part about using the app is that you won't have to keep calling to get through busy salons and spas — and there won't be anything lost in translation.

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