These Chanel flash treatments work instantly

Instant magic

These Chanel flash treatments work instantly
These two new additions to Chanel's Le Lift line are fast-working miracles that will become indispensable items in your skincare arsenal

Women are demanding creatures when it comes to skincare. Although we're told that we have to wait 28 days — the length of our natural skin renewal cycle —  to see real results, many women don't think a product is working unless the results are visible. To the rescue are two new additions to Chanel's Le Lift line that are designed to work instantaneously. You'll see immediate tightening of the skin as well as radiance-boosting effects. The first is the Le Lift V-Flash, an ultra fluid-gel that immediately tightens the skin and sharpens the outline of the face. Think of it as a mini facelift in a bottle!

The other new product is the Flash Eye Revitalizer. This cleverly combines a roll-on eye serum and anti-fatique patches for instantly rejuvenated peepers. First thought: can we have an anti-fatigue patch for our entire body?  Second thought: what a great idea. This promises to lift the eye area and get rid of dreaded puffiness and dark circles? Think of this as the ultmate antidote after a teary, K-drama binge fest. But when should you break out these quick-working treats? Before a special event — does a last minute Tinder date count? — or as an intensive treatment every day for 10 days (for the Eye Revitalizer) and one month (for the V-Flash). A final warning: you may get very attached to these products after awhile.

$148-$202. At Chanel counters and stores in August

Text: Renée Batchelor

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