Kylie Lip Kits are still in stock now

Kylie Lip Kits are still in stock now

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: @kyliejenner

If you've always wondered what the fuss was about when it came to Kylie Lip Kits, here's your chance to find out. Plus Buro picks our three favourite matte shades

Kylie Lip Kits kind of have a strange notoriety at the moment. Everyone knows about the liquid lipsticks and liners that started out in mattes, and has since branched out to include gloss and metal finishes. But other that tweens and Kardashian-Jenner obsessed folk, who has the time, or inclination, to stalk these babies with every limited release on the Kylie Cosmetics site, or purchase overpriced versions on eBay?

Still, the covetable colours and smooth, precise finishes has got us curious. Plus pairing a liquid lipstick with a liner in one affordable kit was kind of clever. Well, Jenner just had a giant restock on her site, and (surprise!) there are still colours available hours later. It's a standard US$14.95 shipping fee for international deliveries, so we would recommend stocking up now — they make great gifts for makeup-obsessed friends as well. And while some key colours are sold out, there are still plenty of great hues up from grabs. But hurry, we're pretty sure colours are selling out as you read this. Here are our top three matte picks that are still available.

A shade like Posie K is perfect if you're neutral-loving and don't wanna dabble in too much colour, but don't want a nude that washes you out. This reminds us of a darker version of Spice, a pink-brown lip pencil from M.A.C that was one of the brand's bestsellers in the 90's.

Posie K Kylie Jenner Lip Kit 
Mary Jo K, named after her grandmother is a classic blue red that will be an indispensable part of your lip wardrobe. And just like a grandmother, this will teach you to be ladylike and behave. 

Dare to wear an intense, true black? Dead of Knight — one of the newest matte shades — is pure, pigmented and darker than Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Plus it looks killer in black and white photos.

Kylie Lip Kit Dead of Knight

From US$14-US$29. At Kylie Cosmetics