There are only 5 bottles of this Dior J'adore L'or Prestige Edition in the world

There are only 5 bottles of this Dior J'adore L'or Prestige Edition in the world

Black and gold

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Pol Baril for Parfums Christian Dior

If you're a diehard fan of the classic Dior fragrance J'adore, you'll want to get your hands on this ultimate object of desire

What if your favourite fragrance was combined with the craftsmanship of high jewellery? That would be one precious, objet d'art. For the first time, Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director for Dior Jewellery, has created her own interpretation of the house's most popular scent. "Perfume, like a jewel, is an expression of sensuality for me," explained de Castellane. She used the bow — one of the key style codes of the house — as the starting point, providing a unique reinterpretation of the long, slender 'neck' of the fragrance. She explains, "When you see a bow, you imagine movement — undoing a bow means getting undressed. It also means taking possession of the object that was held within the bow." 

Dior J'adore L'or Prestige Edition

What sets this firmly on our lust list? Each of the five pieces was created in the Parisian Fine Jewellery ateliers of Dior. To create the two faces of the ribbon, a special technique was used to combine blackened silver with rose gold. Meanwhile, the flaçon itself is made from the finest Baccarat crystal. The icing on the cake? Each bow is embellished with 10 pear cut diamonds and 30 round cut diamonds. Talk about diamonds being a girl's best friend. Also especially beautiful is the movement and juxtaposition of fragility and power of the piece. "In my work, the idea of eternity is always present, expressed by stopping a movement at its most beautiful point," de Castellane explains. And with this exquisite creation, a jewel and fragrance of breathtaking beauty is born.

Only 5 pieces are available worldwide