This scent is so cool you can name it yourself

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This scent is so cool you can name it yourself
Byredo's 10th anniversary fragrance is so ahead of its time, it comes without a name — leaving it open for you to bestow your own moniker

Eau de me. Sniff this. Smells like success. If you could name your own fragrance, what would you come up with? In what seems like a brilliant exercise in postmodernism, as well as a nod to the current craze for everything bespoke, Byredo's latest scent — Byredo Unnamed Perfume — comes without a given name. The customer, or owner, is then invited to create a name of his or her choice and stencil it on, with the given letters in the crisp Byredo font. Talk about writing your own destiny.

Says the press release, "Byredo's founder and creative director Ben Gorham decided to propose a nameless fragrance that leaves everyone free to create their own interpretation, with no semantic boundaries." What the brand suggests you christen this scent with: initials, a first name, a dream destination, a lucky number or an emblem. If you're wondering what this particular scent smells like, accords include gin, pink pepper, lush violet, tree moss and fir balsam. Very Byredo, its the kind of scent that is so quietly distinctive, it sets you apart without ever shouting loudly.

From $191-$281. At Escentials 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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