The pampering post-workout treat you didn't know you were missing

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The pampering post-workout treat you didn't know you were missing
Treat yourself to a pampering and rejuvenating trio of post-workout body products from Origins, that will help you remain in tip top shape

How is your new year's resolution coming along? If you've actually made good on the promise to exercise, good on you! Studies have shown that to maintain good health, it is recommended for adults to get a minimum of two to two and a half hours of medium-intensity aerobic activity per week.


If you have been sticking to your exercise regimen, Origins has three, new post-workout body products that aid in recovery and rejuvenation and will help you bounce back from even the most punishing of workouts. First up, lather up with the Origins Shower Off Exfoliating Body Wash. Dive deep into the vaults off Hawaii's Kona coast to uncover the Hawaiian Deep Sea Mineral Water that will replenish depleted minerals in the skin. Also in the mix? Natural jojoba and castor beads with wild mint, spearmint and orange to soothe and purify skin.


When the onset of stiff joints and sore muscles hits, the Origins Warm Down Warming Lava Scrub is the perfect remedy. The scrub promotes relaxation for muscles and also detoxifies and exfoliates skin in the process. As it comforts tense and tired muscles, the Vanuatu Volcanic Ash and English Epsom salts work together for a thorough clean — it prevents bacteria from sticking to the skin. 


To seal the deal, the Origins Hit Refresh Cooling Moisturizer with Hawaiian Mineral Water will help lock in hydration. You can put on your best smile for the camera when your energy levels are boosted with guarana from the Amazon basin that supports skin's natural cellular energy. Apply generously to feel a refreshing tingle and help replenish any moisture loss in the skin after a good post-workout sweat.


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Text: Priscilla Tan

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