The new Blue Serum from Chanel changes the usual approach to anti-ageing

Blue is the youngest colour

The new Blue Serum from Chanel changes the usual approach to anti-ageing
With a new approach to skin ageing, Chanel's Blue Serum will change the way you look at growing old

If you're the kind of person that's positively allergic to anti-ageing products, we get you. It can be annoying — and sometimes fruitless — investing in skincare with the hopes of turning back the hands of time, and let's face it, there are some things topical skincare alone can't erase, be it the effects of smoking or too many late nights. There's a lot to be said about general acceptance and a more holistic approach to dealing with lines and wrinkles. Chanel's research team took on the task of helping women preserve their 'beauty capital' but not going, you know, overboard.

The new Blue Serum is compatible with any skincare so it fits in effortlessly into a beauty routine. Taking inspiration from blue zones — atypical locations around the world where the populations have exceptional longevity — the brand wanted to adopt the holistic and healthy lifestyles and practices of their populations and somehow encapsulate them into a serum. The common factors all these blue zones shared: a healthy, balanced diet, regular physical activity, better stress management and a close-knit social structure. Also rich is powerful and efficient plants, Chanel settled on three key ingredients from three countries: green coffee from Costa Rica, the olive of Sardinia and the lentisk of Greece. Combining these three power plants with avant garde technology, the brand created pure, highly-active ingredients designed to improve cutaneous longevity and activate the skin’s youthfulness. Simple to use, this clean and efficient solution lets you take care of your skin, without fussing too much over it.

$130. At Chanel counters and stores from 6 January

Text: Renée Batchelor

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