The new Escentials is better than ever

The new Escentials is better than ever

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Text: Renée Batchelor

We explore the newly revamped Escentials to find out the concept behind the design as well as the exciting brand offerings

Why fix something that isn't broken? That was our first thought when we heard that Escentials in Paragon was undergoing a revamp. The store — one of the go-to beauty havens for women in the know — is a favourite of ours. Opened in 2010, the original Escentials at Paragon was modelled after a Parisian apartment: cosy, chic and impeccably stocked with all the cult beauty goodies a girl could dream of.

Fast forward to 2015 and the brand is clearly not resting on its laurels. The new store is warm, inviting and open — decked out in wood, steel and fresh plants. One of the reasons the store was revamped? Some customers might find the high-end, niche brands (and price tags) slightly intimidating. The new concept features a designated Vanity Zone and Fragrance Library. Also new? Mini shops-in-shop for fragrance brands Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Le Labo, Diptyque as well as the newly-launched Byredo, that riff off the individual brands' indentities, while conveniently placing them in one location.

Fragrance Library

Ms. Michelle Liu, head and business manager of Escentials Concepts says, "We have spent months conceptualising and bringing to life the new store design. With warmer colours in the store interior, and new cult and creative brands added to our portfolio, we hope to reach out to a wider audience, while reinforcing Escentials' position as the ultimate go-to destination for the newest, freshest and best beauty and lifestyle finds."

As to what the new concept is, Liu says, "We wanted the new vibe to be friendly, approachable and fun. When you walk in, it's more colourful and there are little destinations that you can go to. The sections are more organised — there's a Vanity Zone where you can try out makeup in comfort and in the back there's a Fragrance Library where different brands are displayed, almost like books."

Makeup Area

Some of the new brands that Escentials have unearthed and stocked include Verso skincareByredo scents and Dear Rose fragrances. "Dear Rose is interesting as it's about the relationship between a mum and daughter. It's all about the journey of a girl as she becomes a woman. The mum is a perfumer, and she creates scents for her daughter, Rose, a musician," explains Liu.

Damselfly Candles 2

There are also more accessible and fun brands like Australian candle maker Damselfly. Says Liu, "Going forward, we are looking for more affordable brands and those that have a more fun image. We want to make sure there are products for different price ranges and different styles. Obviously we love the messages on Damselfly candles... though some are really provocative."

Come by, browse and take a whiff of the cult fragrance brand. From gorgeous By Terry makeup to Memo fragrances, there's bound to be something to appeal to every shopper as well as a great gift idea or two. Says Liu, "The new Escentials experience should be comfortable. We want our consumers to trust the brand and the products."

Escentials is at #03-02 Paragon