The new Chanel No. 5 L'Eau film unveiled

Youth explosion

Text: Renée Batchelor

It's finally here! Chanel reveals the stunning, new No. 5 L'Eau film starring Lily-Rose Depp and directed by Johan Renck

It's Chanel reinvented, with the classic No. 5 scent getting a lighter, fresher do-over and the crowning of Lily-Rose Depp as the enchanting, new face. The new film, directed by Johan Renck, features Depp in different incarnations and tromp-l'œil like set-ups that seem to capture the duality and dynamism of youth. Fresh and downright invigorating, we love how the film captures the complexity of today's modern woman in an elegant way. And by the way, we're in full agreement with Depp that she's a deadringer for her mother, singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, in the scenes when she plays a curly-haired singer. Here are Depp's thoughts on the filming process and how she think Karl Lagerfeld is a genius.

Lily Rose behind the scenes

In the No. 5 film, you play several roles. Which one is most like you?
The one where I’m having fun with the mics, where my hair is curly and I’m playing a singer. I no longer have any desire to be a singer in real life, that is why it was so much fun to be a 'pretend' one.

It’s also the scene in which you most resemble your mother...
Maybe. Yes, my mother is a singer, but it’s not because you see me for five seconds with a microphone that you should get any ideas...

Lily-Rose singer
When you see the finished product of the Chanel film, what do you think?
Never in my life did I think I would have a connection with No. 5. I’ve grown up with the idea that Chanel is the very top of the crop. To be honest, it’s all very surreal to me.

How does your world change when you wear perfume?
It’s a way to feel feminine, but also to have your very own scent: a scent you’ve chosen. No. 5 suits me because it’s warm and welcoming... it’s comforting.

And is Karl Lagerfeld welcoming and comforting?
Oh yes he is... I admire him a lot. He is very generous and welcoming. But the first thing to be said is that he’s a genius.

From $165-$237. Available from 1 September at Chanel counters and stores