The makeup collection the fans asked for

The makeup collection the fans asked for

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Singer Selena was an icon in the world of tejano music, before her life was tragically cut short. Now 21 years later, M.A.C creates a tribute collection to her

You may not be familiar with Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla, or may only know her from the self-titled movie of her life, starring Jennifer Lopez in the lead role. But the tejano — a style of Mexican folk music — singer has lived on in the hearts and minds of her devoted fans, who petitioned M.A.C to create a makeup collection. Touched by the dedication of her fans, the makeup powerhouse agreed.

Curated by her sister, the purple packaging is a nod to Selena's favourite colour, while the selection of shades and products will help you get her quintessential look — think bold brows, liquid liner and a deep red lip. The star product is arguably the wine-coloured, matte lipstick in Dreaming of You, named after one of her most popular crossover songs. But other products in the collection include two other lipstick shades, a liquid liner, mascara and five shades of eyeshadow, named after her songs and with nods to her life — a fitting tribute to the makeup-loving queen of tejano.

 From $ 33-$48. At M.A.C counters now