Luxury Christmas candles that smell amazing and are begging to be shown off on Instagram

Luxury Christmas candles that smell amazing and are begging to be shown off on Instagram


Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

Let's be real.

You can buy yourself a scented candle any bloody day of the year. The arrival of Christmas (and with it, the insane amount of candle gifting you'll inadvertently do) just so happens to be a friendly little reminder that the candle you've retired to your side drawer needs an upgrade, especially because the overload of heavily floral scents seems a tad "been there, done that".

This holiday season, we implore you to invest in something for yourself — and for your favourite people — that strays from typical go-tos. E.g. candles that smell of the authentic Christmas tree you never had growing up in Singapore (we had to bring it up), made specifically for the 'gram. Because we're wick-snobbish, there are undisputable quintessential boxes a Christmas candle have to tick: a pretty AF jar, exactly what your curated vanity table has been craving; an inviting perfume, but only inviting enough for your guests to overstay their welcome, not so inviting they refuse to ever leave; and an absolutely addictive finish that your S.O. leans in just a bit closer thinking the bouquet must be emanating from you.  

From notes of warm latte, rose, almond, and pines, the scents must get us chomping at the bit to plan your Christmas festivities. Or, at least, start brewing chai-maple cider. Because there's always a chance your giftee isn't completely moonstruck by the scent of your choice (can't please everyone, darling), they should at least be proud to place your luxury pick next to their collection of glossy coffee table reads, arranging it just so their Instagram snap warrants hashtagging #aesthetic.

BYREDO, Diptyque, Goutal Paris and Louis Vuitton is clearly onto something... and has a few ideas on how to bring the spirit of Christmas into your abode.

christmas candles

For the strict minimalist: Byredo Bougie Parfumée
Calling all monochromatic lovers, this votive candle promises chic gifting goals with clean typography, and holds a medley of scents including ginger, cardamom and masala chai.

Available at Escentials Paragon and online.

christmas candles

For the Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Dipytique's Almond Essence Candle
Dipytique offers a fragrance for our most nature-loving recipients — with a scent that's described as a amalgamation of pine trees, almonds, and amber balm — complete with an ornamental design inspired by folklore and animated films. 

Available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Tangs Vivo City, Tangs Plaza, Paragon and online.

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For the millennial: Goutal Paris Trio Candle Set
Millennial-pink packaging is compelling no more but this one comes filled with refreshing house-warming notes of orange and lemon. Love.

Available at Escentials Paragon, Tangs Plaza, Tangs Vivo City and online.

christmas candles

For the high SES: Louis Vuitton Feuilles d'Or
'Tis a fail-safe gift for sophisticated cats who gravitate towards smoky-woodsy scents. Once the cedar burns down, we recommend repurposing the handmade ceramic votive as a decor piece.  

Available at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City, Ion Orchard and Changi Airport.