The fragrance brand for minimalists

The fragrance brand for minimalists

Sustainable scents

Text: Renée Batchelor

Clean has long been known as the purveyor of fresh, uncomplicated scents. Its newest range, Clean Reserve, takes things a step further

Fancy smelling like just soap, fresh laundry or a cotton t-shirt? You're not the only one, as Clean's Randi Shiner started her perfume line in 2003, as a reaction against the complex, same-ish smelling and heavily-marketed fragrances of that era. In 2016, the brand launches a new collection, Clean Reserve,  in Singapore.


Clean Reserve comprises nine "niche, authentic, sustainable and personal" fragrances using ingredients from sustainable sources. The new line boasts six new fragrances  — Amber Saffron, Blonde Rose, Smoked Vetiver, Sueded Oud, Terra Woods and Velvet Flora — plus new 'Reserve Blend' editions of three older Clean fragrances — Rain, Skin and Warm Cotton. The scents are linear — rather than shifting from the top to bottom notes like a traditional scent — making them ideal for layering and blending together.

Amber Saffron and Sueded Oud

Some standouts from the new scents include the sexy and delicious Amber Saffron, Sueded Oud, a fresh and creamy take on a traditional oud, and Terra Woods, a crisp and zesty scent freshened with elements of water and air, that is perfect for the outdoorsy type. These new interpretations are sure to delight and enchant even the most jaded of fragrance users and even non-perfume wearers.


$128 each. At Sephora