The face-lifting mist you have to try to believe

The face-lifting mist you have to try to believe

De-puffing delight

Text: Renée Batchelor

MTG Plosion is a face mist that uses carbonic acid to rejuvenate the skin. But it also works on the lymph nodes to temporarily lift the face as well

We're well-acquainted with face mists that refresh and hydrate our skin, but we've never come across one that visibly and instanty lifts and slims our faces. 

Plosion from Japanese brand MTG is a carbonic acid beauty lotion that sprays as an ultra-fine mist on the face. Carbonic acid beauty treatments are fast gaining popularity in Japan as they are said to possess beauty benefits similar to hot springs by removing dead skin, cleaning pores and improving skin elasticity. While the ingredients are meant to act on skin translucency, when sprayed in the appropriate manner — starting over the lymph nodes near the neck to stimulate drainage — the skin is instantly lifted as well; almost like you've taped up your face. While the effect is not permanent it can last a few hours.

You can use this spray in a multitude of ways — before makeup, as a mid-day touch-up, or after your shower. Our favourite way is to spray it on before a night out to give the face a lifted and refreshed appearance. The brand tells us that spraying it on for around five seconds, once a day is sufficient; but something tells us that we'll be going through our bottles much faster.

$399 for a set. Available from 1 July. Click here to purchase.