The Blonds partners with M.A.C for a shiny, new collection

The Blonds partners with M.A.C for a shiny, new collection

Pure platinum

Text: Renée Batchelor

In case you haven't heard of David and Philipe Blond, they're a designing duo who create fabulous, blinged-out luxury wear. Find out how they've collaborated with M.A.C on a eye-popping, new makeup line

Don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that bling, certainly applies to the New York City based design duo The Blonds. Consisting of designer Phillipe Blond and creative director David Blond, the label was first created in 2007. If you love luxury and clothes with that dramatic flair — think sequinned bodysuits, Thierry Mugler-esque corsets and lots of embellishments, The Blonds will be way up your alley. Celebrities who have worn the brand while performing include Rihanna, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. 

The brand's collaboration with M.A.C is also amazing with compacts in shades of platinum, encrusted with rhinestones and blinged-out lashes. Find out from the designers themselves how the collaboration was born as well as their favourite pieces from the collection.

How are all your creative projects born?
Individually, what do you each contribute to your design duo? The Blonds is definitely an effort from both of us. At this point we have been working together for so long, and we are very much 'yin and yang'. There really is no line drawn! We leave the creative freedom open and don't put any limits on our initial thoughts. We try to go as far as we can with it — as far as possible.

What are your favourite pieces from your collections?
All of them, honestly! But if we had to choose, we would go for the lashes especially because of all of the crystals and sparkles on them! The lashes are great on their own and are very glamourous, but at the same time they can be versatile. The lipsticks we were able to name after ourselves, Phillipe Blond and David Blond, are also our favourites!

The Blonds

How did your collaboration with M.A.C come about?
M.A.C has been supporting us backstage for years, so the thought of creating something together was always a possibility. Our collaboration with M.A.C has been a topic of conversation for a while and now that it's come to life it's definitely a surreal full circle moment for us. This collection represents us so beautifully and it's just a dream come true to be on this exciting journey and finally be able to share it with our fans.

What is the meaning of 'beauty' for you?
Makeup is so important to us because its a reflection of how you want to look and allows you to embrace your beautiful features. In fashion, the inclusion of makeup helps us to deliver the story we are looking to get across and complete the look whether its for a client specifically or a show at fashion week.



What are you inspired by?
Our inspiration comes from several different references and it's something we've collected overtime from season to season. Once we finish a show we are thinking about the next inspiration since it can come anytime in anyway. For instance, when we do end up sitting down with our key makeup artist, Kabuki, its really a group and collaborative effort. He is often the best place to get inspiration from!

What was your dream for this collection with M.A.C?
We want consumers to feel extremely glamourous. You have to show off your look with our products! The payoff of the product, but also the packaging is such an Instagrammable moment. Our take is all about classic silhouettes with a modern, wearable twist. Irisdecent and sparkle in the gloss from day to night in one step. Bombshell essentials, everything you would need to create a simple look whether its a bombshell or a vixen.

Is it true that you have roots at M.A.C as a makeup artist?
One of our favorite parts about being a M.A.C artist was getting to know the product and getting to know what the customer loved wearing. It was important to develop an understanding of the different walks of life and all different types of artists in the community. Makeup is a small way to feel glamourous everyday. M.A.C are masters at creating something that can work on any skintone and any gender. The products in our collection are classic with a twist and are true to our design DNA. 

Available from 8 September at M.A.C Tangs at TANG Plaza