Tea time: Origins harvests the versatile ingredient for its RitualiTea range

Tea time: Origins harvests the versatile ingredient for its RitualiTea range

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Tea has played an important role in the diets and even rituals of various cultures. Inspired by this, Origins unveils its newest collection based purely on teas

Sometimes you just want to brew a hot cuppa tea, kick back and relax. The act of painstakingly making the perfect cup and then enjoying it — whether you're hand whipping a cup of Japanese matcha or a traditional English Breakfast (cream and sugar please), tea is seen as an act of unwinding in many cultures. Combining this idea along with the goodness and antioxidant properties of natural tea ingredients, Origins presents its RitualiTea collection. There are two kinds of products in the range, the Powder Face Mask and Cleansing Body Masks, that each come in four different varieties. Matcha Madness, is a combination of matcha and green tea to restore the skin's texture with its fresh, herbaceous scent. Oolong-La meanwhile purifies and exfoliates skin, while cardamom and cinnamon adds a spicy, fragrance twist. The third blend, Feeling Rosy, combines rose with Roiboos to calm the skin and, like its name suggests, leave it looking dewy and youthful. The final tea time treat is Mind over Mate, which combines yerba mate and citrus for an invigorating and clarifying masking experience with a refreshing citrus scent. 

RitualiTea Feeling Rosy Comforting Cleansing Body Mask and Face Mask
The RitualiTea Powder Face Mask is designed to be used 'artisan' style by mixing the powder with water to transform it into a frothy cream. Each effervescent mask contains a blend of tea leaves and natural ingredients to restore health and radiance to tired and dull complexions. To complete your me time experience, the collection also offers a non-slip CaliBowl and dual-ended tool that helps you mix, measure and apply your tea blend mask for an easy and precise ritual.

Meawnhile, the RitualiTea Cleansing Body Mask is a creamy, exfoliating treatment that blends the tea extracts with natural, exfoliating sugars. If you have the time, apply this out of the shower stream to really buff and exfoliate dull skin, but if you're running late, simpy apply it under the shower — as you would a normal scrub — to reveal softer and smoother skin underneath. Talk about an afternoon (or morning, or early evening) delight.

From $20 for a mixing bowl to $68 for the Powder Face Masks. At Origins counters