Tati Westbrook is being sued for fraud, Juvia’s Place expands to skincare, and other beauty news

Tati Westbrook is being sued for fraud, Juvia’s Place expands to skincare, and other beauty news

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1. Tati Westbrook has been indicted of fraud by her business partner.

Amongst other charges, we might add. But first, some context: according to Buzzfeed News, Westbrook is being sued by Clark Swanson, the co-founder of her vitamin beauty brand, Halo Beauty. Swanson has accused her— and husband, James Westbrook — of breach of contract, gross negligence, as well as "fraudulent inducement". It was initially agreed upon that Swanson would own 50% of the company. However, he was later coerced to give up two-thirds of the business as Westbrook had promised to make Halo Beauty her "umbrella brand" with a high possibility of her expanding into the skincare and makeup realm. Swanson would, naturally, benefit from her growth into other sectors.

The lawsuit then asserts that Westbrook did not live up to her end of the bargain, with the beauty guru dropping an eyeshadow palette and beauty sponge in 2020 under new label, Tati Beauty, instead. This thus led to Swanson's decision to sue. Westbrook's lawyer has recently responded to these allegations, declaring Swanson's complaints "meritless" and "absurd." Ah, the plot thickens. Watch this space for more updates.


2. Shane Dawson teases his return to YouTube.

This comes after several months of radio silence from the controversial YouTuber. Dawson opted to make a cautious reappearance via Instagram Stories this November, posting a series of photos celebrating the one-year anniversary of his collaboration with makeup mogul, Jeffree Star. He claimed the partnership — and subsequent production launch — "one of the best moments of his life" before promising followers that he'll "be back soon." Uh... keep it, perhaps?


3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be launching a beauty label.

Named Clean Beauty Collaborative, Huntington-Whiteley has confirmed that she will be taking on the role as Chief Creative Officer. Not much else has been disclosed beyond that, though we do know that products will be available March 2021, and that they will be "sustainable, non-toxic and trustworthy." Hmm, consider us intrigued.


4. Juvia's Place branches out into the skincare industry.

Details have been scarce, though the brand has stepped forward to establish a separate official Instagram. Still, seeing how Juvia's Place is a prominent Black-owned business that prides itself on offerings wearable and affordable by all, we doubt that their skincare arm would divert much from their original message. We'll be waiting with bated breath for more news.


5. Sephora launches a Buy Now, Pay Later programme for a shopping experience like no other.

That's right, users can now pay for their goods in the form of monthly installments. Three equal payments, to be exact, with no interest or service fee charged. To do so, users simply have to download the Atomy app and boot it up when making a purchase. The service applies to online, in-app, and in-store purchases, no matter the price point. Seems like a good time as any to start picking up those big-ticket purchases, huh?


6. Gucci Beauty brings back their limited edition Lunaison lipsticks.

And just in time for the holidays, too. These glitter-finish lippies are joined by three new additions: 302 Agatha Orange; 402 Vantine Fuchsia; and 511 Madge Red Rouge. The fan-favourite hues will now be in available in Lunaison's blinding finish, and encased within a metallic purple vessel that encapsulates Gucci's vision of the holiday spirit.


7. Kylie Cosmetics has restocked their highly sought-after Kendall collection in honour of her birthday.

The sold-out range made a triumphant comeback on 4 November, sending fans scrambling to add the coveted lip kits, setting powders, and bronzing sticks to their stash. The last time we checked, the re-stocked face glosses and Kyshadows are already OOS, so act quickly if you'd like to stock up on the remaining few stragglers.

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