Did you know that ageing casts a shadow on your skin?

Brighter shade of pale

Did you know that ageing casts a shadow on your skin?
Snow White will have nothing on you if you follow Sulwhasoo's Snowise regimen with dedication. Find out how new discoveries have led to reformulation of the range

Whitening or brightening skincare often gets a bad rep from the PC police, and as someone with naturally olive skin, I can see why. Not everyone wants to have a lily-white complexion. If anything the advent of the Kardashian clan — and even the way makeup trendsetter Kylie Jenner has transformed herself from pale-skinned to tanned — is proof that there is no one beauty standard that everyone should follow. That said, some facts are incontrovertible. Brightening is not about gradually getting whiter and whiter like Michael Jackson, but maintaining the eveness and translucency of your complexion, no matter what your skin tone.
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Water, Brightening Emulsion, UV Brightening Protector and Brightening Eye Serum
But as we age, the quality and structure of our skin deteriorates. Worse yet, it's not just UVA and UVB rays that cause pigmentation, spots and marks. It turns out the very act of ageing and the mechanisms that follow, causes your face to look more dull and downcast, thanks to a phenomenon known as 'skin shadowing.' After extensive research, Korean luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo found that what they call skin shadowing is due to "combination of excessive melanin production and the loss of the skin's elasticity, which then casts a dull shadow over the skin of women around the age of 30." The solution? The brand discovered a 'Balance Brightening Factor'. Says Sulwhasoo, "This is a genetic element in the skin which helps to restore balance, clarity and transparency by stimulating collagen production and suppressing melanin formation." Based on this discovery and harnessing the potent power of white ginseng saponin and enriched white ginseng polyssaccharides, the eighth version of Sulwhasoo's Snowise range focusses on delivering volume brightening. The four updated products in the range include the Brightening Water, that now comes in a more grip-friendly bottle and with mulberry root extract to exfoliate skin. Another standout is the Brightening UV Protector that comes in two shades — Soft Glow and Soft Peach — and protects not just from UV rays, but fine dust as well. It has also been reformulated to have a lighter texture despite the higher sun protection factor. The bottomline. Good skin takes work. So if you want to look younger and more luminous for longer, you have to invest time and in products.

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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