Sulwhasoo's new limited editions are instant collectibles

Sulwhasoo's new limited editions are instant collectibles

Just peachy

Text: Renée Batchelor

Find out why the new Peach Blossom Spring Utopia collection from Sulwhasoo has made it to our wishlist

If you love pretty makeup as much as us, then the latest launch from Sulwhasoo will elicit a deep sigh — mainly because you'll know that you're bound to overspend on these collectible treats, and any pretense of saving this month is likely to crumble. Featuring picturesque scenery that was inspired by splendour of peach blossoms, there's more to this fruit choice than a pretty picture. It seems the peach has long been known as the fruit of the gods and a symbol of immortality. Fitting then, that the exquisite design makes it not just onto makeup, but to the brand's star skincare product, the First Care Activating Serum EX — a veritable elixir of youth. Following the brand's usual practice of supporting homegrown artists, it worked with a Korean artist, Hana Seo to create the lush, intricate imagery. Seo is known for interpreting traditional folk painting with a modernist style, and the idyllic, bucolic images she has produced is just the right mix of modern meets rustic to adorn your favourite Sulwhasoo must-haves.Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX

Besides the Serum, you can find the limited edition prints on a variety of makeup staples from the brand including the Perfecting Cushion EX, which has sold over a million pieces, as well as the the Perfecting Cushion Brightening, that is designed to bring out the natural luminosity on the skin. If you want something that is slightly more affordable, and that will make a great gift no matter who the recipient is, you can't go wrong with the Essential Lip Serum Stick that is pumped full of apricot kernel oil and the brand's elastic complex to fill in and smooth out lips, making them look plumper and softer. Perfect for your mums and mum-in-laws, this is a true lifesaver for ageing kissers, and anyone who wants to add a touch of Kylie Jenner oomph to your lips.

And if you crave more colour in your makeup, splurge on the Makeup Multi Kit that contains the Powder for Cushion and Multi Blusher, in a peach undertone. The Multi Blusher combines three colours to create a fresh, spring-appropriate glow on the skin — thanks to the combination of a deeper crimson and a highlighter shade. The Powder for Cushion meanwhile, is a silky, refined powder that events out the skin and has a hocus pocus like effect on pores — they're still there, but somehow, so much less visible.