Drink your way to pretty with Sulwhasoo’s new beauty juice

Drink your way to pretty with Sulwhasoo’s new beauty juice

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram

Want to give your skincare ritual an extra boost from within? Then sip on some Sulwhasoo Invigorating Ginseng Extract Ampoule

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, they say. And applying this adage to the beauty industry is Sulwhasoo as the brand takes it proprietary ginseng complex from skincare to wellbeing with the launch of the Invigorating Ginseng Extract Ampoule. Derived as part of its holistic Asian beauty aesthetic, the ampoule is the brand's plant-fruit beauty philosophy formulated into a nutritional supplement, infused with the same red ginseng and ginseng berry extracts found in their beauty products.

With raw ingredients harvested using Amorepacific's ultra-high pressure processing technology, the ampoule contains an anti-oxidant rich cocktail made from ripe berries plucked from the leaves of the ginseng plant, rehmannia root, and soy embryo extract. Other ingredients include wolfiporia extensa, milk vetch root, and angelica gigas — herbs that have long been utilised by the Koreans and Chinese in traditional remedies for their medicinal properties.

Sulwhasoo Invigorating Ginseng Extract Ampoule

Meant to promote blood circulation and to replenish the body's energy, chugging a vial a day helps to decrease the feeling of fatigue by boosting your vitality, as well as supports the immune system. In turn, your complexion reaps the benefits as an improved circulation could help reduce the appearance of dull tones. Now drink up in the name of good skin.

The Sulwhasoo Invigorating Ginseng Extract Ampoule is available at all Sulwhasoo boutiques, $198 for 28 ampoules