Sukki Singapora now has a new lipstick range with LASplash

Sukki Singapora now has a new lipstick range with LASplash

The great kiss off

Text: Renée Batchelor

Burlesque artist Sukki Singapora has always been fabulous, so it makes sense that LASplash collaborated with her on a range of lipsticks

If you've read abour Sukki Singapora's beauty regimen in our past interview with her, you will know that the gorgeous burlesque artist is serious about her beauty. From taking care of her ever-changing, technicolour mane, to applying the perfect makeup look, Sukki has got it down pat. So it's not a surprise to hear that she's collaborating with LASplash on a range of six lip products – three matte liquid lipsticks, and three glosses. Sukki created the six shades, named them and even chose their fragrances. The shades are named: Sukki, Chio Chic, Desi Queen, Burlesque Babe, Girl Power and Cupcake Dream. Each is based on something that she actually wears in her daily life and performances. For example, Sukki, is her signature, daytime red, while Desi Queen is a golden gloss that especially suits bronzed skin tones. And we have to say, we love how she named one Chio Chic — cheeky local slang for a cute girl!

Sukki Singapora with her LASplash Lip collection

The lipsticks are priced at US$18 each, and for a limited time, the LASplash site is offering free shipping here for every six lipsticks purchased. Load up on colours for the new year, gift them as lippies with a Singapore connection, or bulk buy them with your friends. The range is specifically designed for long-lasting performance, as after all, no burlesque performer worth her glitter tassels would want to deal with smudged, flaking or fading lipstick while on stage.

Says Sukki, "I wanted to create a line of colours to inspire and empower young women to be themselves, and who better to partner with than a fantastic beauty brand that I've been using for many years to create my most powerful looks — both on and off the stage." And just in case you think this is a case of a famous person simply slapping their name on a product without much thought, think again. "I'm also really proud of working so closely with the LASplash team, and spending so much time in the factory to formulate and design everything from the colour range, the glitter in each of the lipsticks, and the lotus-shaped packaging. Of course the best part of the process was choosing the scents which are based on my favourite flavours of cake — as everyone knows how much I love cake!," Suki adds cheekily. With that figure, she can have her cake and eat it too.

Available now on the LASplash website