Stacy Martin is the face of Miu Miu's first ever fragrance

Stacy Martin is the face of Miu Miu's first ever fragrance

"Miu Miu personified"

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Getty Images

The announcement of a Miu Miu fragrance back in 2013 piqued our interest, but with news of Stacy Martin as the face of the scent, the brand's debut gets even more promising

Prada's younger sibling Miu Miu is releasing its first ever fragrance, and already we are intrigued. Many are wondering how the girlish, playful aesthetic of the kittenish brand will translate into a scent. But with the unveiling of French-English actress Stacy Martin, star of Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac, as the face of the new scent, there is a clearer hint as to the vibe and direction of the fragrance campaign.

Although Martin might be a little under the radar for some, the reasons behind the brand's choice is explicit to those in the know. Playing the role of the sexually fascinated Joe in the first volume of The Depression Trilogy, Martin puts on a stellar performance in her breakout film. Aesthetically, she captures the brand's sensibilities perfectly, decked in classic Miu Miu geek-chic prints. In fact, she has been dubbed "Miu Miu personified". In the first image for the campaign that was released, Martin was photographed by Steven Meisel. Says Martin, "The shoot was like no other, thanks to Steven Meisel's incredible sensitivity and talent. I'm so honoured to be the face of the first Miu Miu fragrance. Working with Miu Miu is almost like working with family."  

The actress might make it seem easy with her cool intelligence and effortless beauty, but it's no mean feat encapsulating the vision of a brand in a single image, so kudos to Miu Miu and Martin on this perfect pairing. 

The new Miu Miu fragrance will be launched in September