Song Hye-kyo shares her tips on getting the perfect Dyson blowout

Blow by blow

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want the effortless, natural waves of this stunning Korean actress? Learn her quick tips and the right hairdryer settings and attachments to use from this video

So you've bought your Dyson hairdryer (or you're considering buying one) and you don't quite know the best way to optimise it. With such a pricey investment it makes sense to invest time in a proper routine, so you can get the sleek and frizz-free tresses you're obviously coveting. Fret not, as Korean actress Song Hye-kyo — who always looks immaculate —shows us four easy steps to perfect your blowout. Watch the video (above) and look at the steps in greater detail below.

Use: A high heat and high airflow setting, without any attachments
The powerful airflow of the Dyson Supersonic blows straight to the roots speeding up the hair drying time. This is also a great tip if you're short on time and don't want to go out of the house with dripping wet tresses.

Song Hye Kung Step 1

If you need more volume and lift, use the diffuser with the lowest heat setting to brush the root of the hair upwards. Say bye to flat head!

Song Hye Jung Step 1a

Use: Medium heat and high airflow setting and the smoothing nozzle
When your hair is about 50 per cent dry, clip on the smoothing nozzle on the Dyson Supersonic and dry your hair in a downwards motion. The strong airflow and direction closes the cuticles — rather than frizzing them up — making your tresses extra silky and shiny.   

Song Hye Jung Step 2

Use: High heat and high airflow setting and the styling nozzle
When your hair is around 80 per cent dry, change to the styling nozzle. With a narrower opening, the airflow and the heat become even more concentrated, making it easier to achieve Song's signature, loose curls, with a skillful twirl of a round brush. Practice makes perfect!

Song Hye Jung Step 3

Use: Cool shot and low airflow setting and diffuser attachment
Ever wonder what that nifty, cone-shaped attachment is for? It's great for drying curls and waves without breaking them up. If you apply the cold shot mode, it helps 'set' your style so that it lasts the whole day. Finish off with some product and you're done.

Song Hye Jung Step 4 

$599. Dyson Supersonic is available at major department and electrical goods stores