Smooth operator: the Color Me foundation applicator

Smooth operator: the Color Me foundation applicator

A makeup artist on standby

Text: Renée Batchelor

Can’t afford JLo’s makeup artist? Splurge on a flawless-making foundation tool instead

Why exactly do you need a tool to apply your foundation? Eric Jimenez, the founder of Color Me, was a bigwig at brands like Urban Decay and Benefit and witnessed the daily struggle that women had in achieving an airbrushed look. Women could not achieve that JLo-level of flawlessness simply because the human hand is imperfect by nature.

Colour Me foundation applicator
The Color Me foundation applicator is decidedly not a human hand. The automatic sponge runs at a rate of 15,000 pulses per minute in a motion that mimics a gentle finger tapping. There's a different sponge for powder and liquid foundations and it can be used with everything from mineral powder foundations to BB creams.

Best of all it cuts foundation application time significantly as it applies and blends in a jiffy. A face that looks professionally made up even amid your morning rush to work? Sign us up!

Priced at $75. Available at Sephora.