How Elancyl Slim Design tackles cellulite from all angles

How Elancyl Slim Design tackles cellulite from all angles

Agent orange peel

Text: Renée Batchelor

French women know a thing or two about staying trim and toned without trying too hard. One of their secret weapons? A good anti-cellulite cream

Much has been made about French women and their ability to stay trim despite the delectable fare on offer in their native country. And while various observations have been made about their lifestyle habits — walking a lot, taking alcohol in moderation, eating smaller portions and going for fresh produce — there's another secret that they have been indulging in. The slimming product. We're not talking potentially harmful pills or diet drinks, but a topical cream or gel that is applied on problem areas like the thighs, tummy and buttocks to help fight cellulite and give skin a firmer, bouncier look. French skincare brands have been the pioneers in anti-cellulite and slimming products for years, and Elancyl, under the umbrellla of French pharmaceutical giant Pierre Fabre is no exception. 
Elancyl Slim Design

The approach that many svelte, French woman have taken is is using the slimming or anti-cellulite product as a complement to their routine, bearing in mind that an active lifestyle and eating in moderation are all part of the package. Nine out of 10 women suffer from cellulite – who are the lucky few that don't? — and most women are in agreement that dimples are only cute when they're on your face. Elancyl has taken a three-dimensional approach to tackling the structure of cellulite with its new Slim Design that contains a unique [Caffeine Complex] 3D. Says the brand, "The [Caffeine Complex] 3D is the fruit of 10 years of research, and contains an original combination of exceptional actives with proven efficacy: ivy, caffeine and, for the first time, a unique plant-based active, salacia, which acts directly against rigidification in the connective tissue, one of the main factors behind the orange peel appearance."

Besides the efficacy of the formulation, we have to say that the texture plays a big part in how often you're likely to use it, as no one likes a sticky and heavy cream that takes forever to absorb. We're happy to report that this one is super light and only needs to be used once a day, in the morning. Apply it on your thighs and buttocks as this is where it's designed for use — although you can target other cellulite-ridden areas if you like. The super smart cream also has a chrono-programmed formula that works in sync with the the body's slimming biorthythms. This means that fat-eliminating actives are released throughout a 24-hour time period to encourage lipolysis while it simultaneously delays the release of 
anti-storage actives that block lipogenesis. A genie in a bottle? Maybe so. 

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