This skincare innovation will make your life so much easier

This skincare innovation will make your life so much easier

Twice over

Text: Renée Batchelor

La Prairie presents an elegant solution to the problem of needing two kinds of anti-ageing moisturiser — one for day, and one for night — with its new Line Interception Power Duo

Are you worried about lines and crow's feet worsening into deep set wrinkles? If you're nodding along, you're probably of a certain age, or perhaps have developed a few unhealthy habits — ahem... smoking and going sunscreen-free — that have moved the ageing process swiftly along. Whatever the case, you can't stave off the progress of father time indefinitely, which is why investing in some anti-ageing skincare is something that many women and men are doing from a younger age.

If you hate complicated routines and multiple products, La Prairie's latest Line Interception Power Duo is something that might appeal. An innovative day and night cream that targets pesky lines, two formulas are packaged in one sleek bottle. A dual-chambered contraption, this contains a separate formula for day and night based rather ingeniously on the kinds of ageing aggravators you are likely to encounter in waking and sleeping hours. Plus it has an anti-leakage locking mechanism and sleek, portable design that makes travelling that much easier.
La Prairie Power Line Duo

During the day is when expression lines are formed — from worry and smile lines to eyebrow furrows. So you'll need a cream that really works. Repeated messages sent to our facial muscles causes them to contract and this results in deeper-set wrinkles. But because you can't live life in an emotion-free vacuum, a good cream might be a more practical option compared to sealing yourself in a bubble. The day formula contains three, specialised peptides that work at three different stages to inhibit the signaling pathway to our muscles, thus helping to prevent lines as well. Because your skin's exposure to UVA and UVB  rays can also result in fine lines, the cream has an SPF of 30 to shield you from these.

At night, there's other factors to contend with, as gravity and general skin degradation can lead to the formation of creases and folds. Besides sleeping on silk pillowcases, there are other options. It's not called beauty sleep for nothing, as the night is the best time to renew and repair the skin. The Line Interception Power Duo Night formula is packed with anti-wrinkle peptides to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and to strengthen the skin's extracellular matrix. The night formula also helps eliminate the damaged protein in skin by optimising skin renewal. This duo is so power-packed and effective, it promises visible changes in just 14 days — half the usual time it would take a typical product to work. Texture-wise expect light formulas that sink in when applied without that dreaded greasy feel you've come to expect from hardworking anti-agers.

$570. Available from June at La Prairie counters