Skin Inc’s Stem Cell range introduces two new products

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Skin Inc’s Stem Cell range introduces two new products
The homegrown skincare company extends its popular Stem Cell series with these two new offerings

They say that several apples changed the desitiny of the world — from the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, to the apple that dropped on Newton's head, to the device you're probably reading this story on right now. Add a fourth one to the list with the Uttwailer Spätlauber, a rare and endangered species of apple and the star ingredient in Skin Inc's Stem Cell range. What's so special about this particular fruit? This apple is known for its ability not to shrivel up — lasting up to four months after being harvested. The apple stem cells derived from this fruit energises skin and helps it generate new tissues faster while preserving the youth and vitality of skin. An added bonus is that helps to fend off the damage caused by UV rays.

The two new products in this range round off the existing serum and eye cream. The Skin-Revival Infusion Cleanser, $82, cleanses well, but retains moisture and helps skin stay line-free for longer. 

Skin Inc Cleanser

The Infusion Cream, $278, meanwhile has a gorgeous, velvety texture and a cocktail of ingredients — from argan tree oil extracts to hyaluronic acid — that are specially designed to re-plump skin. 

Skin Inc cream

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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