Skin Inc introduces its new customisable moisturiser

Skin Inc introduces its new customisable moisturiser

Hydration sensation

Text: Renée Batchelor

A pioneer in customisable skincare, Skin Inc ups the ante with its latest moisturiser

There's a new kid in town when it comes to skincare. Skin Inc has created a new moisturiser, the Pure Recovery Dew, that's destined to change the way you hydrate and protect your skin. The Pure Recovery Dew is both a priming moisturiser and a day mask — in a light, gel-to-dew finish. Not only does it plump up the skin, it protects against pollution, blurs lines and imperfections and gives your complexion that covertable bounciness. If you haven't tried the texture, you should, as it's kind of amazing. Each droplet bursts upon contact and transforms into a lightweight gel that sinks into the skin for intense hydration. Each hydro-encapsulated drop of Pure Recovery Dew is filled with rare and mineral-rich Japanese onsen water that is sourced from the Izumo Yumura hot spring. Not just any hot spring, this one has been world-renowned for its waters' soothing and calming properties for over 1300 years. What can onsen water do exactly? Besides being perfect for a soothing soak, this miracle water is a veritable fountain of youth — as it can also heal wounds, improve the skin's function and calm irritated, blemished and red skin.
Skin Inc Pure Recovery Dew
This new super moisturser from Skin Inc combines this pure water with hyaluronic acid and French pine bark — a powerful antioxidant to keep environmental stressors away from the skin. Finally, it's been loaded up with conchiolin protein, derived from shellfish. Sometimes known as pearl powder, this not imbues skin with that nice, pearlescent glow — no illuminator needed — but firms the skin and gives it a perfected finish. While the moisturiser is already a multi-purpose anti-ager on its own, because Skin Inc is all about customisation, the Pure Recovery Dew, can be blended with the brand's Custom Serum Doses for an added boost. If you have skin woes aplenty, from blemishes to panda eyes, fret not. Blend your favourite or much-neeeded serum dose into this product to create a bespoke moisturiser and primer. Ready, set... perfect canvas.

$72. Available in all Skin Inc stores and online from 5 January