SK-II’s new R.N.A Magnetic Booster will change the way you anti-age

SK-II’s new R.N.A Magnetic Booster will change the way you anti-age

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Text: Angelyn Kwek


The newest innovation from SK-II is a skincare tool that goes hand-in-hand with your favourite R.N.A anti-ageing series

With the beauty market bandying 'anti-ageing' around and pumping out products catered to restoring youth like it's going out of style, we get it when you just want to swipe left on your newsfeed. But if you're been staunchly loyal to SK-II, you know what really works for your skin: The award-winning R.N.A collection (paired with your trusty Facial Treatment Essence, of course). And now to upgrade the way you anti-age comes the Magnetic Booster, a new first-in-the-world innovation from the brand.

Developed based on SK-II's anti-ageing expertise, this special tool works on Magnetic Micropulse Technology, a breakthrough system that delivers up to 7,000 magnetic vibrations per minute to inject all that Pitera goodness into the dermis up to three times more effectively than finger application. Though if you're eye-rolling or throwing shade already thinking the Magnetic Booster is another gimmicky skincare tool, Chinese celeb makeup artist and friend of the brand, Wu Miao — who has already given the booster a whirl — will have you know that the pulsations are gentle but consistent. It also boasts a unique closed circuit modus operandi, meaning it turns on only when you're holding the metal band on the Magnetic Booster's stem and contacting the base onto your face. Essentially, your body is the conduit that powers the tool, eliminating the need for battery cells or charging cables like most skincare tools. Used in tandem with either the R.N.A Essence or the Power Cream, you'll soon see yourself pulling off a Benjamin Button.

The Magnetic Booster retails in the R.N.A Power Magnetic Kit, available exclusively at The Shilla Duty Free at Changi Airport. Available at SK-II counters islandwide from September