SK-II has a new facial oil and it's pretty outstanding

SK-II has a new facial oil and it's pretty outstanding

The golden ratio

Text: Renée Batchelor

Fans of the brand's Facial Treatment Essence take note, SK-II has a new Facial Treatment Oil coming out next year and it feels amazing on skin

Oils are gaining popularity in Singapore, and its no wonder. Despite our humid weather, most women are constantly in air-conditioning and the back and forth between the sweltering heat and sometimes freezing conditions causes a bit of schizophrenia in our skin, leaving it oily on the surface, but dehydrated inside. Building on its expertise, SK-II's latest skincare innovation is a Facial Treatment Oil that utilises its signature ingredient, pitera, in healthy quantities.

What sets it apart from the hundreds of oils already in the market? This bi-phase oil has been formulated in the perfect golden ratio — a blend of the new nourishing oils complex that contains six oils and pitera — of 61.8:31.2. Tests had shown that this 'perfect' formula is able to imbue skin with the optimum amount of moisturisation. Besides plumping up the skin and relieving dehydration, this oil is also a booster — it can enhance the benefits of other SK-II products. Plus it acts as a skin barrier, physically blocking pollen and pollution — a godsend in this never-ending haze.

But don't take our word for it. SK-II ambassadress Cate Blanchett is already a fan of the product, no doubt having been lucky enough to try it for some time. Says Blanchett, "I love the Facial Treatment Oil and I use this now instead of a mask on a long haul flight. It's completely non greasy and you get this incredible hydration and the subtle lavender fragrance is divine. I put the Facial Treatment Oil on my face first like a moisturiser or primer and then put makeup on top of it. This gives my skin a glow but also means that it absorbs the foundation so you don't get that caked-on look."

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

Along with all the benefits above, this oil can be easily mixed in with other moisturisers and essences to improve their hydrating and rejuvenating benefits. Plus the scent that Blanchett mentioned — an interesting mix of lavender and carrot heart notes — is super soothing and relaxing, helping you unwind as you pat it gently into skin. A multi-tasking product that does double duty... where's our bottle again?

$205. At all SK-II counters in January 2016