Skin insurance: The SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence and Spot Essence

Skin insurance: The SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence and Spot Essence


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Fight the hidden horrors of UV exposure with SK-II’s new dynamic duo

It's a little known fact that ultra-violet (UV) rays penetrate almost everything, so while you may religiously wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat whenever you leave the safety of your air-conditioned bubble, it's not enough to prevent sun damage. UV exposure accumulates under the dermis and it's only in later years that they surface with a vengeance.

But the brutal truth is that there's no foolproof way to block out UV exposure entirely, short of relocating to the dark side of the moon. So what's a woman to do when her precious complexion is faced against the invisible onslaught of aggressive UV damage? Despair not, for SK-II's got a hero combination that will save the day, everyday — the new GenOptics Aura Essence and Spot Essence. These tackle melanin and age spots that have not yet appeared. Containing a powerful infusion of prunus extract and SK-II's proprietary Pitera in the former and Lumina Kelp extract in the latter to restore the loss of radiance, these breakthrough scientific formulas work in tandem to repair sunburn damage and melanin formation.

SK-II GenOptics Essences

A complete recalibration of your skin from the inside out, these serums are also saturated with active ingredients for whitening such as D-melano P3C and Inositol that increase cell clarity while inhibiting the production of melanin and enhancing your skin's spot reduction capability. A panel study has provenits effectiveness within eight weeks of continuous use in diminishing dull and dark tones. So that lit-from-within glow you've always thought of as a myth (or maybe clever makeup)? It's now a very real possibility with SK-II. Go for your #auragoals, ladies.

The GenOptics Aura Essence and GenOptics Spot Essence are available at all SK-II counters.