SK-II calms and protects with two new products

SK-II calms and protects with two new products

Goodbye skin damage

Text: Rachel Chan

Image: SK-II

The Japanese brand has released an overnight mask and sunscreen to feed your skin with daily goodness that it needs

Heading into the middle of the year means one thing: the weather's going to get worse. The feeling of Singapore's unforgiving sun and heat beating down on our prickling skin makes us cringe inwardly and dread heading out for anything. Some people also have the misconception (or are just plain lazy, guilty as charged) that if the sun's out of sight, there's no need to slather on some sunscreen. But, leaving the skin unprotected will make it more susceptible to damage, particularly if we don't care for it at night, and we're not taking any chances.

If you haven't been properly caring for your skin, don't panic, as SK-II has created a new sunscreen that'll do just that, with ingredients that are well suited for our climate. Enter the Atmosphere Airy Light UV Cream SPF 50+, that shields you from the harmful UV rays. SK-II found out that 80 percent of our skin's damage comes from not only UV rays, but infrared and pollutants too, which is why they've included the improved version of its atmosphere therapy complex, the iconic pitera solution and natural ingredients like ume and opuntia cactus extract to further repair the skin. Even for those who wear sunscreen religiously, it's tough to find the right one with a texture that doesn't feel oily and sticky after an hour's worth of application. SK-II has answered our prayers with a smoothing powder that's included in its formula, coupled with oil and water-based UV filters for its airy texture, which is all we could've wished for.SK-II

Skincare doesn't stop there without a mask, especially after a hot day. We admit, when it comes to our nightly ritual of creams and serums, we tend to get lazy sometimes after a long day of work . So, SK-II came up with a new Overnight Miracle Mask to combat those out there pulling all-nighters for work or play and who need some TLC when it comes to the face, as its research has shown that sleeping for five hours or less for three consecutive nights may result in 13 times more water loss in our skin compared to a single night of bad sleep. The result? Skin that looks dull and feels rough. With six single-use capsules in convenient individual packaging, this leave-on gel mask contains a blend of pitera and sleeping tree extract from the albizia plant that nourishes dry skin and allows it to keep its natural functions, where you can wake up with crystal clear and energised-looking skin the morning after.
SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask

The SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask and Atmosphere Airy Light UV Cream SPF 50+ are now available across all SK-II counters. $140 and $115 respectively.