Sisley's cult Black Rose Mask finally gets a cream

Sisley's cult Black Rose Mask finally gets a cream

Black rose beauty

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're a fan of luxury skincare brand Sisley, you would have heard of its cult Black Rose Mask. Find out how the brand transferred that luxury to a new cream

The only part of our body that most women want plumped-up is our skin. It's one of life's greatest ironies that while billions of dollars are spent trying to eliminate fat from unwanted areas — think our thighs and upper arms — further billions are spent to retain that youthful, bounciness on our skin. Sisley's Black Rose Mask has quietly gained a cult following since its launch in 2011, selling an impressive one million pieces worldwide in the past five years. In 2014, the brand released a Precious Face Oil, and now, finally the Black Rose range has a cream to call its own.

The Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream cleverly retains the properties that make this particular range so loved — think the gorgeous smell and the luxurious textures  — and combines it into a star formula. The new cream is both rich and refreshing, which may sound contradictory, but in this case, isn't. It has a water drop texture that breaks down into micro droplets upon application. These dewdrops envelop the skin without leaving it feeling overly sticky. Instead skin is comforted and left with a soft, velvety finish. The black rose in the formula is combined with two other kinds of roses — the softening and refreshing May rose extract, and antioxidant and radiance-protecting Alpine rose extract. While black rose smoothes the skin and improves the reflection of light, the other ingredients help tone, exfoliate and suffuse the skin with antioxidants and moisture, so your skin simply glows with health and youth. As for that plumpness we talked about earlier, that's helped with Alkekengi calyx extract to plump both the epidermis and the dermis and increase the thickness of the skin, while Padina pavonica extract, reinforces the hydric layer of the dermis to further restore skin's bounce.

$240. Available at Sisley counters