Singaporean aesthetic doctor Georgia Lee is embroiled in scandal and other beauty news this week

Singaporean aesthetic doctor Georgia Lee is embroiled in scandal and other beauty news this week

Beauty Bits

Text: Emily Heng

1. Singaporean aesthetic doctor, Georgia Lee, is being sued by a minority shareholder in her business.
The well-known medical director of TLC Lifestyle Practice is being sued by movie and TV producer, Anita Hatta, who claims that she was misled into investing 2 million in Dr Lee's skincare products in return for a 5% stake. She also claims that Dr Lee treated her funds as a "personal piggy bank" and misused them, providing only "skin-deep" (pun intended) explanations when confronted. Dr Lee has denied all allegations as of late. Only time will tell, we guess?


2. Hailey Bieber is in the midst of launching her very own beauty line.
The model is supposedly in the process of trademarking 'Bieber Beauty', though there is no word yet as to what type of products Bieber Beauty will be touting. Fans are placing their bets on a line of fragrances considering how husband, Justin Bieber, had experience in that department. And on that note...


3. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are teaming up to release a new fragrance.
Initially set to be released on 26 April, the sisters took to Twitter to announce that the launch has been pushed back due to the bottles demonstrating "durability issues". Housed in a lip-shaped flacon (of course), the scent will contain notes of red lotus blossoms, liquid amber, and peony.


4. Fish are the hottest thing gracing nails right now.
Think goldfish, koi, and the entire cast of Finding Nemo swimming all over your digits. Said designs have been splashed all over our Instagram feeds as of late, so it's probably only a matter of time before a celebrity takes the bait. Get on it, stat.


5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is releasing a Magic Star Setting Powder alongside their Magic Star Concealer.
The concealer may have gotten an unintended early release when the YouTube influencer's warehouse was burgled, but it appears that the Magic Star Setting Powder was spared from the carnage. Available in eight different shades, the powder is meant to help blur pores and fine lines effortlessly.


6. Fenty Beauty drops a sneak preview of their latest eye makeup.
Makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench created the multi-coloured look using the latest in Fenty products, with the brand teasing that "something's coming soon." Fans are, naturally, freaking out about what it could be, spouting theories spanning coloured mascaras and eyeshadow sticks.  


7. Sephora is collaborating with Moschino to release a school-supply themed makeup collection.
The limited-edition collection features liquid highlighters, makeup removers, nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes and more — packaged to look like classic back-to-school-staples such as erasers, pencils, even a MacBook. We'll grade it A for creativity alone.


8. Dragun Beauty is the first-ever trans-owned makeup line designed specifically for transgender individuals.
Created by transgender beauty influencer, Nikita Dragun, the label comprises transformative products that she feels trans people need in their makeup stash. "I basically made makeup for you to catfish everyone," she jokes, before explaining that Dragun Beauty is a "makeup line for trans people — and all people." Either way, it proves to be huge win for the LGBTQ+ community, garnering plenty of support so far; her two-piece collection sold out in a matter of minutes.


9. Jason Momoa shaves his beard in the name of environment. 

Done in a bid to draw attention to the new line of water he is launching with Ball Corporation, the Aquaman star is leading by example with a massive change to his appearance — in hopes of inspiring others to make a change for the better, too, by switching to infinity recyclable aluminium. If it transforms our lives much like shaving has transformed Momoa's face, we say we're all for it.