Singapore Olympic swimmer Joseph Schooling launches skincare line, Shawn Mendes paints his nails, and other beauty news

Singapore Olympic swimmer Joseph Schooling launches skincare line, Shawn Mendes paints his nails, and other beauty news

Beauty Bits

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @josephschooling

1. Joseph Schooling has launched his own skincare line.

Meet JS Orphic, a high-performance skincare range developed by Schooling and long-time personal aesthetic doctor, Dr SM Yuen from Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics Clinic. The full line-up comprises a cleanser, moisturiser, serum, and sunscreen — and will be available at the NomadX boutique located in Plaza Singapura. Consider our interest (sufficiently) piqued.

2. Sephora Europe introduces colour-coded baskets to facilitate a better shopping experience for introverts...

and anyone who's not in the mood for social interaction, really. The news broke when Twitter user, Cami Williams, posted a photo from a Sephora store featuring red and black baskets. Customers were encouraged to reach for the red should they be open to assistance, and black if they'd prefer to shop without interruption. Fingers crossed this practice makes its way to our shores.


3. Shawn Mendes donned black nail polish during his beachside vacation.

The singer was spotted wearing chipped black nail polish whilst holidaying in Australia. Speculation is rife that new music is afoot, though others suspect he might be participating in the Polished Man Campaign, which aims to raise awareness of children affected by violence by painting one's nails. Either way, it's one lewk he's pulling off.


4. Harrods will be opening standalone beauty stores outside of London.

The luxury department store will be expanding its empire through the launch of beauty concept shop, H Beauty, in 2020. It will stock high-end cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances, as well as offer a variety of beauty services such as blowouts and flash facials.


5. Kathleen Fuentes splits from her nail brand, KL Polish, to open Lacquer Lights.

The beauty YouTuber debuted her nail polish line, KL Polish, in 2016. And while she initially enjoyed commercial success, it soon became apparent that something was amiss as exemplified by many thinly veiled Instagram stories — the most obvious being Fuentes singing "Don't Mess With My Man", where she switched out the word "man" with "brand." The influencer then took to YouTube to announce that she'll be leaving KL Polish as she was "losing control" of her own brand. She later revealed that many of the brand decisions — from packaging to shipping — were being made without her involvement. This then prompted her to start Lights Lacquer, a vegan, cruelty-free polish label entirely on her own.


6. Colourpop teams up with K-Beauty guru, Pony, to drop an all-new makeup collection.

Inspired by all things sweet and pink, the Bitti x Colourpop comprises a nine-pan eyeshadow palette, four single eyeshadows, four blush hues, and three new lipstick shades. Scoop up the full line-up from their site now.


7. Foreo is awarded US$450,000 after a Chinese company was discovered to have infringed their design.

Kingdom Zhuhai Company was found guilty of infringing Foreo's LUNA design with its KD308 product, and reportedly made an excess of US$5,002,858 through sales on platforms such as Alibaba and Tianmao. To date, the counterfeit payout is the largest to be made in Shanghai Intellectual Property Court history.


8. Billie Eilish chops her hair into a mullet after a bad dye job.

Celebrities — they're just like us, right? Singer Billie Eilish may be rocking a mullet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala, but it's not so much a style choice than it is a necessary one. "Somebody dyed my hair, and they burnt half of it off," she revealed in an interview with TMZ. "Now, it looks like a mullet. That sh*t is not on purpose, though. I'm growing that sh*t out." Hmm, might we suggest she takes a gander at our piece on speeding up hair growth?


9. Estée Lauder launches an in-store app to match users to their foundation shade.

Meet iMatch Virtual Shade Expert, which utilises artificial intelligence to match users to their foundation shade. The technology is currently only being rolled out across the US, UK, and Japan, though the brand has confirmed that they are trying to make it available in more than 30 countries in the next six months. Welcome to the future, folks.